Some description Noreen Hopewell-Kelly
PPI Lead
'We strive to conduct research that makes a difference; embedding PPI helps us shape conduct and disseminate our work and ensures that the patient voice is always a part of our research process.'

Some description Karen Sheehan
Paediatric Research Nurse
'As children’s nurses we recognise and embrace the role of parents and the family in a child’s care and recovery. Cardiac families are a particularly positive group with great knowledge and a desire to help develop better treatments through research. With this in mind we have worked with Noreen to try and engage children and parents in Patient and Public Involvement groups to have a voice in research development. We have worked with school children to design logos for the website and paperwork for children and young adults PPI which was great fun and educational for me! We have also collaborated with Giovanni Biglino to set up a sound workshop with our children with rhythm issues as part of a wider Patient and Public Involvement initiative. I have found the process fascinating and rewarding and feel we’ve only just scratched the surface.'



Some description Mike Bell
PPI Facilitator
I returned to education and while studying for a BSc in Human Ecology as a mature student I began working as an advocate supporting older people and disabled people.  More recently, following a five year stint as an NHS complaints advocate, I moved to a more positive role supporting Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Health with Bristol Health Partners.  I now work part time for the BRC and part time for the CLAHRC.

Some description Penny Lambert
Research Nurse
'As a team we are committed to helping develop patient involvement in research across the CV-BRC. I think that PPI is very important. By drawing on patients’ personal knowledge and experiences, they can influence the way research is planned to make it more user friendly. This in turn will make participation in clinical studies more attractive to the public, playing a pivotal role in improving recruitment and retention to clinical trials.'


Barney Reeves Professor Barney Reeves
Professor Barney Reeves is co-director of the Clinical Trials and Evaluation Unit Bristol. He has designed many RCTs and other studies, both on cardiovascular disease and in other health fields, and is Chief Investigator on a number of NIHR-funded projects. 
Maria Pufelete Maria Pufelete
Research Fellow
Maria focuses on grant proposals and systematic reviews and having input from the public and patients is key to successful proposals.